offers-penylanRemember that Denplan patients are covered for all routine dental work.
Here is a quick list of the services we provide.

All prices are being updated during Covid 19  - please call practice on 02920483483

•    New Patient consultation 
•    Routine dental examination 

Restorative Treatment:
•    Amalgam fillings from 
•    White composite fillings from 
•    Crowns from 
•    Bridges from
•    Root canal treatment from
•    Molar root fillings from 

•    Radiographs from 
•    Tooth extraction from 

Cosmetic Treatment:
•    Anti wrinkle treatment
 1 area 
 2 areas 
 3 areas 
•    Teeth whitening from 
•    Veneers from 
•    Root surface cleaning from 

Periodontal Treatment:

•    Standard hygienist visit 
•    Extended /Direct access hygiene visit from 
•    Bright smile  find out more here >
•    Root Surface cleaning from 
•    Glass Fibre / resin tooth splinting from 

Emergency Treatment:
•    Out of hours re open surgery . Normal fees apply there after.

Prosthetic Treatment:
•    Acrylic dentures from 
•    Cobalt Chrome dentures from 

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Updated February 2020