services-penylan-dental-cardiffPrevention is better than cure.  Lets work together to keep your teeth and gums stong and healthy. Here is a list of the types of treatments we can provide.


•    New Patient consultations
•    Routine examinations for adults and children
•    Radiographs

Restorative Treatments

•    All routine fillings
•    Crown and Bridge work
•    Root canal Fillings

Prosthetic Treatments

•    Full and Partial dentures.

Periodontal Treatment

•    Standard and extended scale and polish
•    Root surface cleaning for chronic periodontal conditions.
•    Glass fibre/ resin splinting for mobile teeth

Cosmetic Treatment

•    Anti wrinkle treatments with a qualified medical practictioner. READ MORE >>
•    Teeth Whitening. SMILEZONE WHITENING >>
•    White metal free fillings
•    Veneers
•    Cosmetic crown and bridge work

Oral Surgery

•    Simple and Surgical extractions.

Emergency Treatment

•    Dedicated out of hours emergency cover for existing registered patients.

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Updated March 2021