Practice complaints procedure

It is our aim to always have satisfied patients, to meet your expectations of care and service and to resolve any complaints as efficiently, effectively and politely as possible. We take complaints very seriously. We investigate them in a full and fair way and take great care to protect your confidentiality. We learn from complaints to improve our care and service. We will never discriminate against patients who have made a complaint.

If you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our care or service please let us know as soon as possible to allow us to address your concerns promptly. If you do not feel you can raise a complaint about your NHS service directly with us, you can address your complaint directly to the local health board (Cardiff and Vale University Health Board). In NHS Wales, this is done through a process known as “putting things right”. Each health board has their own concerns team. To find their details please go to the Health in Wales website

or phone NHS direct Wales 0845 4647

Stephen Clark is the complaints manager and will be your personal contact to assist you with any complaints. If your verbal complaint is not resolved with your satisfaction within 24 hours or if you complain in writing, the complaints manager will acknowledge it in writing within 2 working days and will aim to provide a full response in writing within 10 working days.

If the complaints manager is unavailable, we will take brief details about the complaint and will arrange for a meeting when they are next available. We will keep comprehensive and confidential records of your complaint, which will be stored securely and only be accessible by those who need to know about your complaint.

If the complaint investigation takes longer than anticipated the complaints manager will keep you informed of the reason for the delay, the progress of the investigation and the proposed date it will be completed.

When the investigation has been completed, you will be informed of its outcome in writing and invited to a meeting to discuss the results and any practical solutions that we can offer to you. These solutions could include replacing treatment, refunding fees paid, referring you for specialist treatments or other solutions that meet your needs and resolve the complaint.

We regularly analyse patient complaints to learn from them and to improve our services. That’s why we always welcome your feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints. If you are dissatisfied with our response to your complaint you can take it further, please see the contacts below.


For Private dental treatment you can contact the GDC private dental complaints service within 12 months of the treatment or within 12 months of becoming aware of the issue by calling 0208253 0800 or visiting

If you feel the practice isn’t meeting its duties regarding Welsh language you can raise your concern with the Welsh Language Commissioner by calling 0845 6033 221 or visiting

If you would like support or advice regarding your NHS complaint you can contact the local Community Health Council by calling 02920750112 (CHC Office).If you are still unhappy about your NHS complaint, you can contact The Ombudsman for Wales by calling 0300 790 0203 or visiting

You can also contact Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) who is the independent inspectorate and regulator of all healthcare in Wales by calling 0300 0628163 or email

The General Dental Council is responsible for regulating all dental professionals. You can complain using their online forum at , contact them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 0207 167 6000.

Updated March 2021